We drive high-quality traffic. You get better converting ads.

Our combination of data and technology allows us to match your ad space with ads most likely to convert with your userbase – that is, games they actually want to play.


We identify the personalities of your visitors – so you can host the ads that specifically appeal to them.

The best relationships are mutually beneficial.

We help game developers all around the world acquire high-quality players. Those players have to come from somewhere…

By becoming part of GameGenetics’ Smart User Acquisition, online and mobile publishers can monetise their traffic better, get higher eCPMs and more valuable ad space.

Katrina Castillo
GameGenetics is our primary user acquisition partner because they consistently deliver high quality traffic and users at a high volume of our UA campaigns. Their knowledge and thought leadership of the UA market is a valuable asset to our team.
Katrina Castillo - Marketing Manager, Gazillion

How We Do It


Our Trading Desk lets developers test ad channels and find the ones best suited to their games. Automated bidding on ad space means you don’t have to be involved at every step in the process.


Our market intelligence and huge pool of data lets us match the common traits of players and website visitors, so the ads that end up on your site are highly likely to convert.


We’ve already got 3,000+ advertising channels and exclusive partnerships – and we’re always looking for more. Publishers can integrate via an API, so advertisers can bid directly.